Pay online directly from your bank account

  • No credit card details needed
  • No use of your online banking access codes
  • No sign-up

SlimPay: a fast and secure way to pay for subscriptions and frequent purchases online.

Some SlimPay customers…

  • Patrick Vidart

    Patrick Vidart, Renault

    We found SlimPay to be the most attractive option because of the maturity and simplicity of the solution. Implementation went smoothly, with no surprises, thanks to the involvement, transparency and responsiveness of the SlimPay team.
  • Gilbert Labbé

    Gilbert Labbé, EDF

    We found that SlimPay was an innovative, robust solution that demonstrated its compliance with the regulations concerning electronic signatures.
  • Sylvain Tillon

    Sylvain Tillon, Tilkee

    For our clients, we needed a solution that was simple, secure and easy to integrate into Tilkee. We tried a lot of services... But SlimPay was the company that best met our needs!
  • Marc de Boislaville

    Marc de Boislaville, Clientela

    Thanks to our partnership with SlimPay, we can offer our clients in media, philanthropy and business a real-time direct debit transaction solution. Since we started working with SlimPay, 50% of Clientela direct debit agreements are locked in over the phone and guaranteed for our clients. This reinforces the customer loyalty cycle.
  • Eric Abouaf

    Eric Abouaf, ClicRdv (Solocal Group)

    With SlimPay we were able to adopt the SEPA standard in less than three months and, at the same time, improve our customer experience: our transformation rate increased by 7% in one year.
  • Pierre Krings

    Pierre Krings, PriceMinister Rakuten group

    SlimPay is a flexible and efficient solution for depositing recurring fees from our 6,000 "power sellers," whether they are located within or outside of the SEPA zone.
  • Thomas Defossez

    Thomas Defossez, Transat Informatique

    From the beginning, SlimPay provided guidance and support during our migration to SEPA. Our subscription management software is taking full advantage of the new opportunities presented by SEPA. Thanks SlimPay!
  • Guillaume Bourdeau

    Guillaume Bourdeau,

    The direct debit system means, most importantly, that our loyal readers don't have to worry about their accounts being closed when their credit cards expire.
  • Sylvie Nhansana

    Sylvie Nhansana,

    Adopting the electronic signature method enables La Fourchette to stay ahead of the game once again.
  • Thibault Remy,

    Thibault Remy,,

    The solution allows us to securely collect our deposits according to the schedules worked out with our customers. Allowing SlimPay to manage the direct debiting of bank accounts saves our accounting team two days of work every month.
  • Aymeric Salmon

    Aymeric Salmon, Lokéo (Boulanger Group)

    The SlimPay solution offers the simplicity and functionality of bank card platforms, it is robust, and it makes ongoing direct debits possible.
  • Olivier Gradel

    Olivier Gradel, B'Dom (groupe Boulanger)

    By integrating the SlimPay solution, we were able to double our sales compared to when we were using the traditional paper method for direct debit. The 100% online process is a real differentiating factor in our market, when customers are only a click away from the competition.
  • Ferdinand Rousseau

    Ferdinand Rousseau, Ma P'tite Balise

    When we were launching our startup, we immediately saw the value in SlimPay's zero-paper approach. It is clearly the payment method that was missing on the web.

Why use SlimPay?

A payment solution linked to 3,921 banks in 33 countries, and serving 340 million consumers with European bank accounts.
  • SEPA migration

    The experts at SlimPay can help ensure a smooth SEPA migration. Find out more +
  • Electronic signature

    Grow your sales by making impulse buying easier through all sales channels: online, by telephone, from a distance or at points of saleFind out more +

  • Payment account management    

    You'll be able to explore new sales models once your tools are IBAN compatible, while benefiting from our authorized account management servicesFind out more +

  • A turnkey recurring payment solution    

    Increase customer loyalty by providing an ongoing payment method, without expiration dates or payment limits, that all of your customers can useFind out more +

What people are saying

    • SlimPay Grabs $16.6 Million To Build The Definitive Recurring Payment Solution
      TechCrunch, July 7 2015
    • Prime Ventures invests in SlimPay
      The Paypers, July 9 2015
    • Companies want to adopt the new SEPA standards. The SEPA format requires the corporate creditor to obtain a signed direct debit authorization from the customer, which can be produced in case of legal action. In response to this, the SlimPay payment institution offers a system for electronically signing mandates.
      Les Echos – December 2, 2013
    • Payline, a French online payment solution, announces the launch of SlimPay, a solution for automatic direct debit.
      Le Journal du Net – September 26, 2013
    • BeIN SPORT chooses the SlimPay one-stop payment collection solution to promote its subscription offering. BeIN SPORT is the first chain in France to adopt SEPA direct debit using SlimPay.
      BFMTV – July 23, 2013
    • After two years of testing, EDF chose the SlimPay payment institution to manage the [electronic signature capture] process with its new customers.
      Les Echos – June 10, 2013

How does it work?

To use SlimPay you don't need to create an account, and your purchase process is not interrupted. Payments are withdrawn directly from the payer account and deposited into the merchant's payment account without any extra charges.
  • How does it work?

    Step 1– I enter my bank information

    I identify my bank account using its IBAN number (or the format used in my home country). SlimPay automatically verifies whether the account can be accessed. Measures are taken to prevent identity theft. 

  • How does it work?

    Step 2 – I sign my mandate

    By electronically signing a mandate, I authorize payments to be directly debited from my account in an agreed amount, or as a series of payments. To sign the mandate, I enter a single-use code I receive by SMS. When this step is completed, I receive the signed mandate by e-mail.

    SlimPay then debits my account on behalf of the merchant. Details of these transactions appear on my bank statement. I am entitled to dispute erroneous or unauthorized payments through my bank. 

Which industries use SlimPay?

  • Energy, Water, Transport, Toll    

    Grow sales through multichannel subscriptions. Ensure regulatory compliance to minimize reputational risk.

  • Telecom, ISP, Home automation    

    Increase impulse purchases. Reduce fraud risk by combining multiple payment methods at customer sign-up. 

  • Insurance, Tuition:

    A lower-cost, reliable alternative to payment by check. Improve client relations by offering a regular, scheduled payment option.

  • Press, Film, Music, Gaming, Pay TV, Social network

    Ongoing payment solution reduces customer attrition. No need to store payment data, minimizing reputational risk.    

  • Nonprofit organization, Alumni group    

    Increase donation amounts by offering the option to make monthly online donations. Increase donor loyalty.

  • SaaS software, Payment service, Marketplace 

    Ongoing payment solution reduces customer attrition. Centralize international deposits in a single account.

  • Repeat purchase consumer product

    Increase customer loyalty with subscription offers. Ongoing payment solution reduces customer attrition.

SlimPay is easy to integrate into your website

Integration is possible with PHP, Java and in command mode. Request the scripts and access to our test platform (no commitment required) : 

Let SlimPay be your payment hub

With the complementary modules offered by SlimPay, you can combine all of your payment options into a single interface.


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  • Bank card payment
  • Bank transfer payment automatically reconciled